Wallace Chan and His “Wheel of Time” Exhibit

Wallace Chan, a visionary jewelry artist and sculptor, has revolutionized the world of contemporary jewelry. Born in China in 1956, Chan embarked on his creative journey as a carver at 16 in 1973. Over more than half a century, his remarkable career has been a testament to his unwavering dedication to his craft.

Drawing inspiration from the natural world, philosophy, and spirituality, Chan seamlessly combines age-old craftsmanship with cutting-edge technologies. Based in Hong Kong and entirely self-taught, this artist has earned global acclaim for his groundbreaking utilization of titanium in art.

His artistic practice spans jewelry design, sculpture, and carving, resulting in numerous pioneering innovations, including The Wallace Cut (1987), a patented jade technique (2002), and The Wallace Chan Porcelain (2018). Notably, Chan stands as one of the few artists to harness the full potential of titanium in artworks characterized by vibrant colour, imposing scale, and intricate complexity.

The exhibition, aptly titled “The Wheel of Time,” symbolizes Chan’s creative process, which demands painstaking attention to detail due to the labour-intensive nature of much of his jewellery. His art is an elegant fusion of traditional Chinese aesthetics, an unwavering reverence for the inherent qualities of his chosen materials, the remarkable skill applied in their crafting, and the sheer dedication of time required for their realization.

Acknowledged as a ‘Living National Treasure’ in China, Wallace Chan’s extraordinary artistic contributions have found their place in prestigious collections at The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, The British Museum in London, and the Capital Museum in Beijing.

The Wheel of Time Exhibition by Wallace Chan

If you are in London until 10th September, 2023, do not miss this exhibit being held at the Christie’s in London hosting the largest exhibition of Wallace Chan’s work in Europe, titled The Wheel of Time.

More than 150 pieces of jewelry and sculptures, spanning five decades of his career—if this isn’t tempting, than what is?!

The Wheel of Time is a tribute to Wallace Chan’s artistic journey and his exploration of the themes of time, life, and eternity. The exhibit features some of his most iconic inventions, such as The Wallace Cut, a carving technique that creates a three-dimensional illusion in gemstones; The Wallace Chan Porcelain, a material that is five times harder than steel and lighter than aluminum; and titanium jewelry, which he pioneered in the 1990s.

The Highlights of the Exhibition

We are hoping that some of the legendary pieces are displayed at this show

Wallace Chan Wheel of Time
  • The Legend Of The Dragonfly Brooch, features one of the world’s largest diamonds, a 104.15-carat fancy yellow diamond, is surrounded by pink sapphires, yellow diamonds, and green garnets.
  • The Cosmic Leaf Brooch, made of titanium and set with over 3,000 gemstones, including sapphires, rubies, diamonds and tsavorites. The brooch reflects Chan’s fascination with the natural world and its cycles of transformation.
  • The Dream Of Butterfly Necklace, composed of a 77.12-carat aquamarine carved with butterflies and flowers, and adorned with diamonds, sapphires and emeralds. The necklace symbolises Chan’s philosophy of harmony and balance between humans and nature.
  • The Soul Of Eternity Ring, crafted from a single piece of jadeite and set with a 10.11-carat fancy vivid blue diamond. The ring represents Chan’s vision of eternity and his respect for the ancient Chinese culture.

The exhibition is expected to attract thousands of visitors. If you are a jewelry or art lover, we strongly recommend you experience the magic of Wallace Chan and his contribution to the world of jewelry.

The Wheel of Time is a celebration of his extraordinary achievements and his contribution to the art of jewelry and jewelry making. Some of the pieces have been called from collectors to be displayed here.

This exhibit is free for all. Log on to Christie’s to check more information.


Exhibitions are perfect place to connect with people with similar interest. Also, do block your calendar for the upcoming JA New York Fall Jewelry Show

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