The Upcoming JA New York Fall 2023 Jewelry Show: What to Expect

Are you a jewelry lover, retailer, designer, or manufacturer? You don’t want to miss the JA New York Fall 2023 Jewelry Show. This is one of the leading jewelry trade shows in the world, and it will take place from October 29 to 31, 2023, at the Javits Convention Center in New York City.

What is the JA New York Fall 2023 Jewelry Show?

The JA New York Fall 2023 Jewelry Show is a biannual event that showcases the latest trends, styles, and innovations in the jewelry industry. It is organized by Jewelers of America (JA), the national trade association for fine jewelry businesses.

The show attracts thousands of buyers and exhibitors from across the country and worldwide who come to network, learn, and discover new opportunities. The show features a curated, eclectic mix of the season’s best jewelry buying opportunities, from diamonds to pearls, gold to silver, gemstones to watches, and more.

Why attend the JA New York Fall 2023 Jewelry Show?

JA New York Fall 2023 Jewelry Show

The JA New York Fall 2023 Jewelry Show is the buying destination on the East Coast for anyone who loves jewelry. Whether you are looking for new products, new suppliers, new ideas, or new connections, you will find them at the show.

Here are some of the benefits of attending the show:

  • Access to over 500 exhibitors representing various categories, price points, and styles.
  • See, touch, and compare thousands of products in person and make informed purchasing decisions.
  • Meet face-to-face with some of the industry’s most reputable and innovative jewelry brands and designers.
  • Take advantage of exclusive show specials, discounts, and deals many exhibitors offer.
  • Attend educational seminars, workshops, and panel discussions led by industry experts, covering marketing, merchandising, technology, sustainability, and more topics.
  • Network with your peers, colleagues, and potential partners, and exchange insights and experiences.

Highlights of 2022 JA New York Jewelry Show

JA New York Fall 2023 Jewelry Show

Before you prepare for the JA New York Fall 2023 Jewelry Show, let’s look back at some of the highlights of the previous show in September 2022.

  • The show featured over 400 exhibitors from 25 countries, showcasing a diverse selection of jewelry products and services.
  • The show welcomed over 10,000 attendees from all segments of the jewelry industry, including independent retailers, chain stores, online sellers, wholesalers, and designers.
  • The show hosted several special events and pavilions, such as the Mort Abelson New Designer Gallery, which celebrated its 45th anniversary and showcased emerging talent in jewelry design; the Designer District, which featured established and up-and-coming designers with unique and creative collections; and the Plumb Club, which offered a detailed list of products and services from leading manufacturers and suppliers.
  • The show also highlighted some of the latest trends and styles in jewelry fashion. According to Jewelry Logic by JA New York, some popular trends included paper clip pieces, cuff bracelets, 1970s-inspired jewelry, rings for every finger, stackable rings, modern signet rings, and wedding bands using alternative materials.

How to register for the JA New York Fall 2023 Jewelry Show?

The JA New York Fall 2023 Jewelry Show registration is free for qualified buyers. You can register online at or onsite at the show. You must provide proof of your business affiliation, such as a business card, tax ID number, or resale certificate.

If you are not a qualified buyer, you can still attend the show as a guest for a fee of $150 per person. You can also register online or onsite.

Some of the popular jewelry brands that will be at the show are

  • Alex Woo is a New York-based designer who creates personalized and meaningful jewelry with a modern twist.
  • Belle Étoile is a California-based brand that offers exquisite and affordable jewelry with colorful enamel, sparkling stones, and sterling silver.
  • Dilamani is a New York-based brand that offers fine jewelry with innovative designs, exceptional craftsmanship, and ethical sourcing.
  • Frederic Duclos is a French-born designer who creates contemporary sterling silver jewelry with European flair and elegance.
  • Gabriel & Co. is a New York-based brand that offers bridal, fashion, and fine jewelry with exquisite quality and style.
  • Jewelmer is a Philippine-based brand specializing in golden South Sea pearl jewelry with timeless elegance and sophistication.
  • Lafonn is a California-based brand that offers luxury within reach with simulated diamond and gemstone jewelry in sterling silver mounted with platinum or gold.
  • Mastoloni is a New York-based brand that offers cultured pearl jewelry with classic beauty and modern appeal.
  • Oscar Heyman is a New York-based brand that offers high-end jewelry with exceptional gemstones, craftsmanship, and design.
  • Swarovski is an Austrian-based brand that offers crystal jewelry with dazzling brilliance and innovation.

These are just some of the exhibitors that will be at the show. You can find the full list of exhibitors on the show website or app. Is there any specific type or style of jewelry that you are interested in?

How can I get a booth at the JA New York Fall 2023 Jewelry Show?

You must apply as an exhibitor if you want a booth at the JA New York Jewelry Show. You can do so by filling out an online form on the show website. You must provide information about your company, products, and target market.

The show management will review your application and contact you if approved. You can then select your booth location, size, and package. The booth fees vary depending on the show date, the booth type, and size.

The JA New York Jewelry Show is a trade-only event, so you must prove your affiliation with the jewelry industry. You must provide some documents, such as a business card, a tax ID number, or a resale certificate.

Are you already an established jewelry brand or a new designer?

What are some of the highlights and trends that you can expect to see?

The FALL JA New York 2023 Jewelry Show is expected to showcase a variety of trends based on the latest fashion reports. Here are some highlights and trends you might see:

  1. Less is More: There’s a minimalist trend with barely-there bracelets, tiny earrings, and simple necklaces.
  2. Pearls of Wisdom: Pearls are making a comeback, with designers stringing them on chunky chokers and double-looped strands.
  3. Hooplah!: Hoop earrings are still in style, appearing in thick, chunky gold, sculptural silver, and even double or quadruple stacked2.
  4. Statement Pieces: Despite the move towards minimalism, statement pieces are still in vogue. Expect to see vintage-inspired brooches and statement pendant necklaces2.
  5. Body Jewelry: There’s a trend towards body jewelry like nail extensions, body chains, and fantasy jeweled bras.
  6. Quirky Brooches: Brooches and pins to sit on the lapels of jackets are also expected to be in trend.
  7. Gemstones and Polished Stones: Always a popular choice, some new introductions are expected.

These trends are based on recent fashion reports, and the actual offerings at the show may vary.

Hope you enjoy the show 🙂 

Highlights from IIJS Jewelry Show 2023.   

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