A Beginner’s Guide to Different Shades of Blue Sapphire Colours

When we think of sapphire gemstones, the mind conjures images of deep, captivating shades of blue sapphire colours that’s both regal and enchanting. However, they are not limited to a single shade. From the serene hues of a clear sky to the velvety depths of the ocean, sapphires come in a spectrum of blue colors that evoke a range of emotions and sensations.

Let’s dive into the mesmerizing palette of Blue Sapphire Colours

Blue Sapphire Color Chart
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Cornflower Blue Sapphire

One of the most iconic shades of blue sapphire colours is the cornflower blue. It describes the brilliant intensity of the finest sapphires. This blue color sits in the middle of the spectrum, between royal and peacock blues on one end and pastel blues on the other. The “Violettish Blue” has a “warm” tone since it is a vibrant shade of blue with a hint of violet. The sapphire appears cooler and ceases to be a cornflower once the blue tint has been subdued with other hues, including green or grey.
This hue is often associated with classic sapphire engagement rings, offering a timeless, refined look that transcends trends.

It can be found in Sri Lanka and other nations that belong to the same family, like Tanzania and Madagascar.

Royal Blue Sapphire

If there’s a shade of Blue Sapphire Colours that truly embodies the regalness and royalness of sapphires, it’s the deep and rich royal blue. While less bright than the cornflower blue, this color is often associated with luxury and grandeur, conjuring images of majestic palaces and royal regalia. When set in exquisite jewelry pieces, royal blue sapphires command attention and reflect a sense of opulence and prestige.

This magnificent blue-purple color, was once found at Burma’s Mogok Mine, is extremely rare. Currently only found in Sri Lanka and, to a lesser extent, Madagascar. In Myanmar, they are no longer mined. 

Light Blue Sapphire

Also known as “Silver Blue Sapphire” or “Sky Blue Sapphire,” is a type of sapphire. The palest pastel blue tones can be seen in these stones. This light blue shade, also known “Ceylon Blue Sapphire,” or “Water Blue,” is a popular color option because of its brilliant brilliance and shine.

Indigo Blue Sapphire

These stones are reminiscent of the depths of the night sky. This color is deep and less saturated than the purer blues like “cornflower,” “peacock,” “velvet,” and “royal blue.” Indigo sapphires are often chosen by those seeking a gemstone that exudes sophistication and a touch of enigmatic charm.

In regions where basalt has been mined, deposits of indigo sapphire are frequent.

Velvety Blue Sapphire

Velvet blue also known as Peacock Blue is among the most sought-after gemstones by connoisseurs.Velvet blue color are intense in hue and saturation, yet luminous and majestic and electric. They are the world’s top quality sapphires, very valuable and extremely rare to find. Important is this color nuance can not be classified in the scheme of cornflower blue and royal blue, because it is in between and very few sapphires from the point of view of an expert correspond to this.

These sapphires, with their almost cobalt blue appearance, come mainly from Kashmir (India) and are still very rarely found in Sri Lanka and Madagascar from current occurrences.

Twilight Blue Sapphire

The value of the stone is reduced on a global scale because of the lower demand. Twilight, a particular shade of deep blue to black, describes this dark blue. It is a definite dark blue, not black. Although it is not a flat tone, its saturation ranges from medium to deep. Off all the blue sapphire colours, you can see the fire as you move the twilight blue stone.

They can be found in Thailand, Madagascar, Cambodia, Vietnam and Nigeria and can be mined in Australia.


Blue Sapphire Colours

Choosing Your Blue Sapphire Colours

Selecting the perfect shade of blue sapphire is a personal journey that often reflects the wearer’s personality, style, and preferences. Are you drawn to the serenity of cornflower blue, royal blue’s richness, or teal’s uniqueness? Each shade carries its own character, allowing you to find a sapphire that resonates with your story.

The color aspect becomes even more intriguing as you explore the myriad blue shades available. Whether you’re seeking a classic engagement ring, a statement necklace, or elegant earrings, the wide spectrum of blue sapphire shades ensures a gemstone to match every taste and occasion.

Ultimately, it’s not just about owning a beautiful gem; it’s about owning a piece of nature’s artistry – a gem that holds within it the essence of the skies, oceans, and landscapes that have inspired humans for centuries. In all their varied shades, blue sapphire colours continue to captivate and celebrate the breathtaking beauty of the world around us.

There are mine to market suppliers, where you can directly source a beautiful gem for yourself. 

While you now have an overview of different shades of blue sapphire colours, to ensure you are well-informed and not conned by a jeweller, do look at tips to determine authentic blue sapphires

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